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6 Unit Housing Scheme in Homagama

The project is located in the fast developing city of Homagama. The scheme consists of 6 housing units. With its’ novel development concepts, the scheme allows its’ residents to indulge the tranquility of a small community. The clients even have the luxury to customize their own house to suit their requirements.

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Residence at Pannipitiya

The project which covers about 3200 sq.ft. is located in a Semi-Urban area in Pannipitiya. Modern architectural concepts have been used to accomodate the requirements of the client within the limited land availability.

Residence at Kurunegala

The project is located within the Sub-Urban limits of Kurunegala and covers about 3100 sq.ft. of buildable area. To match with the inception of the Client, the design has been carried out mainly based on modern architectural concepts.

Renovation Project at Wadduwa

An extension has been added to the existing house which was located in a Semi-Urban environment in Wadduwa. Both the new extension as well as the existing components has been converted into modern spaces. The project covers about 2800 sq.ft.

Residence at Hokandara

The residence which is located in a Semi-Urban environment in Hokandara; covers about 3500 sq. ft. of building area. Unique spaces have been created using modern architectural concepts to cater the requirements and the inception of the client.

Residence at Malambe

The house which includes about 3200 sq.ft. is located in a Semi-Urban environment in Malambe. The design mainly consists of a selection of modern architectural features.